Nestled in the bosom of one the most fantastic counties in all of Southern California, Ventura County, Ojai is full of charm and environmental magnificence. The reason why this town is seen as one of the most charming revolves around the magnetism for local artists and musicians and green-living health enthusiast. They seem to flock to the seaside community by the Pacific Ocean for both a chance to see what the good life is all about and a break from the house on bustle of town such as LA and San Francisco.

Hollywood Loves Ojai

The history of Ojai starts with the first gold-seeking ‘Forty-Niners’ who came to California in search of fame and fortune, mostly fortune. Of those earliest pioneers, who did not find gold or fame, there was always the railroad and the beginning of the age of talking movies. Ojai now serves as a backdrop for many of the biggest Hollywood blockbuster films and is continuing on this path of service to the film industry each and every year. The Chumash Indians are the first known residents of the region of Ojai and the name means ‘moon’ in ancient Chamasian. Ojai is one of the oldest as well as the smallest towns in Ventura County and this makes for some very interesting visitors and residents as well. One of the most prominent early settlers was Edward Dean Libbey who was a wealthy glass manufacturer and is largely responsible for the entire layout of the village.

Green and Getting Greener

One of the biggest reasons why people flock to the Ojai California region is because it sits in the heart of the Ojai Valley. This wonderful valley has such a fantastic climate and the dry air and never ending sunrays that bless this Southern California locale, only add to the exuberance and thrill of the area. The Ojai Valley is home to some of the most beautiful trails and bicycle paths of the entire Pacific Coast region. Many visitors and residents exercise their pets and utilize the many parks of Ojai for both weekend and weekday rejuvenation and renewal. Rejuvenation and holistic-energy mantras are what the town of Ojai is known. Far from being a conceited locale, although there are many reasons for that, the town of Ojai has over 400 campsites all in around this wonderful Southern California spot.

Artist and Silver Screen Opportunities

For the residents there are year-round occupational pursuits with the Ojai Center for the Arts and the Ojai Studio Artist Park offering artistic expression and employment opportunities and more. One of the largest industries in the town of Ojai is the splendid golfing paradise that is afforded by this lovely cultural city. The Ojai Valley Inn and Spa is listed as one of the top 25 golf resorts in all of the United States and North America for that matter. The quality of life of those that call Ojai home is not to be predicated on past references. Ojai, California is a great business as well as private-sector location and one that Ventura County is proud to call one of its’ own..

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