Nestled in the fertile Oxnard Plain, Oxnard is home to a thriving agricultural community as well as high-tech businesses. Located in beautiful Southern California, right on the magnificent Pacific Ocean, this ‘Strawberry Capital of California’, was founded in 1903 and is home to 200,000 residents, all happy to be living in Oxnard, California. The City of Oxnard is the largest in all of Ventura County and is home-base for two of the United States Navy’s most important military bases. The United States Navy is one of the largest employers, in the entire Oxnard area.

More Than Just Strawberries

With a strong economy, supported by agriculture, military defense, tourism and manufacturing as well as a dynamic international trade industry, the economic virtues of Oxnard are extremely efficient. A good portion of the entire economic infrastructure of Oxnard is derived from agricultural means, primarily strawberries and lima beans. The Oxnard Plain is a very popular and extremely fertile location for growing some of the best strawberries in all of California. Production figures estimate that Oxnard California’s strawberries crop supplies one third of the State of California’s annual production. Other industries that do quite well in this Pacific coastal community are tourism and manufacturing pursuits. Some of the largest employers in Oxnard are Chiquita, Land Rover, Jaguar, BMW, and DelMonte. With such a magnificent arrangement of Fortune 500 companies, the prospect for employment in Oxnard has always remained constant and stable.

Beauty on the Pacific Coast

As Oxnard is gently perched upon the Pacific Ocean, this means sunny days and crashing waves for all that come to this ‘Jewel’ of the Southern California region. With 20 miles of un-crowded and scenic beach coastline, the availability and accessibility of great public beach access spots, make spending the day at any of Oxnard’s fabulous beaches, a pleasurable activity for residents and the visitors who flock to this Southern California town. With all the successful business industries that call Oxnard California home, the overall effect of this success provides the Oxnard residents with one of the highest percentages of disposable income in all of Southern California. That’s important as there is a very strong entertainment industrial concept in Oxnard as well. With all the tourists and vacationers that flock to this culturally-active California community, it is little wonder why he Oxnard is rated as one of the best places to live in California per many of today’s demographic market surveys.

Oxnard has a plethora of attractions that keeps residents and draws in visitors from all over the State of California and the United States. Oxnard has one of the most eclectic and modern downtown areas with fantastic shopping opportunities and a happy-go-lucky attitude for the nightlife crowds. Oxnard attracts a large number of tourists from different parts of the world due to its attractive beaches and other spectacular residential attractions. The beauty of Southern California is that along with a fantastic and easily accessible route to the Pacific Ocean, there is also beautiful mountains and spectacular scenery, as far as the eye can see. All this adds up to a wonderful and pleasant Southern California community, that is Oxford California.

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