Santa Paula is nestled among the avocado, orange, lemon, and lime orchids of the Heritage Valley in the spectacular State that is California. One of the most breathtaking views of Santa Paula, California can be achieved by standing in the middle of downtown and looking north and south. The picturesque San Cayetano and Oak Ridge mountain ranges are only disrupted by the beautiful Santa Paula Creek’s crystal-clear waters and the undulating activity of the Santa Clara River.

Chumash Indians and Father Serra

The history of Santa Paula starts upon the acquisition of the land grant from the Spanish in 1872. Growing from a small pioneering community of gold miners of 200 residents, the town of Santa Paula now is home to 30,000 positive individuals. The name ‘Santa Paula’ comes from the famous settlers of the area, Father Serra and subsequently, the Catholic Saint Paula. With such a strong support system and a vibrant environmentally friendly culture, there was no way that Santa Paula could not grow up to be one of the most-beloved Southern California cities in all of California. The rugged-terrain and the easy-access to the rivers and lakes that populate the area, make Santa Paula a great residential and commercial location.

Temperate Climate and Natural Beauty

From lazy days at the beach to average temperatures that hardly break 80°, Santa Paula is one of the most favored for vacationers who need to get away from it all. Santa Paula is well-known as the citrus capital of the world and although many central southern regional locations lay claim to this, it is hard to argue the point as a quick drive to the town of Santa Paula will find one situated among the citrus rows. The history of Santa Paula goes back well before the Chumash Indians settled the area and is said to be one of the oldest regions in all of Southern California. Charmed with both a perfect climate and favored destination location, the City of Santa Paula is just 45 miles north of Los Angeles and an easy I-5 and 101 connect.

Pacific Dreams and Economical Benefits

The main economical force that drives Santa Paula is outdoor service. How could it not be as his rugged mountainous terrain is a popular destination for both by backpackers and hikers who flock to this city by the Pacific Ocean, for rest and relaxation? The beautiful Santa Clara River and the red cliffs of South Mountain offer spectacular postcard picturesque view of one of the most wonderful locations in all of not only California, but the United States. Santa Paula has one of the best city tours available and includes the ever popular Agro-Adventure Tours that will both educate and stimulate all those that come to this wonderful Pacific Ocean seaside community. The cost-of-living, in Santa Paula, California is said to be one of the biggest reasons for the exodus of people relocating to this area. The lovely and accessible Pacific Ocean is a great respite from the daily-grind that life sometimes has to offer and can be a great relaxation method.

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