The town of Ventura California is well-known for its beautiful parks and miles of bike trails. The name of the town is San Buenaventura, yet it is commonly referred to as Ventura and is the county seat of all Ventura County, California. In 1866, the town was incorporated and is now a dynamic-location in the beautiful State of California. Ventura has an ever-growing population of 110,000 ecstatic citizens that have the best of everything in this one Southern-Californian location.

Thomas Bard, President of Union Oil Company

With its sugar-sand beaches and tranquil hillside venues, Ventura, California remains a semi -secret and one that is just waiting to be discovered, by the multitudes of both Californians and Americans. That’s one of the many beauties of the entire Ventura experience, a hidden gem in a sea of prosperity. Ventura has a founding father, Thomas Bard, and it was this man that saw the opportunities that exist in this location and did something about those. Thomas Bard was President of the Union Oil Company in 1890 and organized the Ventura Oil Field which produces 90,000 barrels per day, of fine crude oil. The dynamic economy that is Ventura, California is amazing to both read about and experience, first-hand.

Ventura Oil Field

The Pacific Coast Railroad along with the Pacific Coast Highway, are two of the most heavily-utilized modes of transportation into this wonderful, central-southern California location. The economy of Ventura is directly tied into both the agricultural as well as the energy sector of California. With the oil flowing from the Ventura Oil Field and the amount of employment opportunities this entails, it is easy to see why energy and being ‘green’ is so ‘Ventura’. One of the largest employers in Ventura is the outdoor-clothing manufacturer Patagonia, which is located downtown. Another big employer and the City of Ventura is the local governmental. With its sincerity to political openness and free will, the citizens of Ventura, California are truly blessed when it comes to both financial and environmental forthcomings.

Access to Pacific Ocean Key for Growth for Ventura

The history of Ventura, California predates the American Civil War and started off with a land grant from the country of Mexico. The pursuit of crude oil in Southern California and the success of the California railroad system, combined to make Ventura a worthwhile stopover. From those pioneering spirits grew a town that is now beloved and treasured by most that pass through her gates. With easy access to the Pacific Ocean and great coastal views as well, Ventura is not only known as a beach lover’s paradise. Salt-water fishing and general beach-combing are two of the most popular and realized activities in Ventura, California. The Oxnard Plain is a very fertile and vibrant growing location for many citrus crops as well as vegetable foods. With a strong and flexible median income of $53,000, Ventura is a nice place to live and raise a family. The Ventura River acts as a western boundary and the Santa Clara River is a southern boundary in which many water-loving enthusiasts go to fish and relax in the reflection of the California sun. Education is primary in Ventura and the Ventura College and Brooks Institute of Photography are two of the most splendid educational opportunities that are available to residents of this quaint but exciting locale.

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