Yes, this question about insulation is one we hear quite a bit. The steel doors come in three basic constructions to meet your needs with single, double, or triple layer construction options. You can select a new garage door with the level of energy efficiency and quiet operation you need. Although in other states you may choose and insulated door for winter protection here we use them to add a solid strength to the doors. Single layer steel garage doors are made with a single layer of steel for an attractive exterior appearance, yet can tend to rattle. Double layer steel garage doors feature an attractive steel exterior, plus vinyl coated polystyrene insulation on the interior to increase energy efficiency and sound protection. Yet, if your garage walls are not insulated and it’s mainly a place for storing stuff, then you may not find the added value in this option.

Our most popular model is a triple layer steel insulated garage door is constructed with an attractive steel exterior, polystyrene or polyurethane insulation, and steel interior. Insulation between these two layers of steel provides exceptional energy efficiency, quieter operation, and a clean interior finish. Insulated garage doors help maintain the temperature in your garage and decrease the door operating noise level. This is especially important when the garage is attached to your home or used as a living space. Also of benefit if you have a bedroom above the garage door or a couple of young kids that may play ball against it.

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